Networking: How the Student Affairs Office Can Help Students Connect on Campus

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Finding a job is the #1 goal of most college students after graduation, and networking is one of the most important things students can do to achieve that goal. But, many students lack the skills and resources to network successfully. There are so many things the Student Affairs Office or Student Activities Office can do  Continue Reading »

Homecoming For a Cause: 6 Ways to Incorporate Social Responsibility into College Homecoming Festivities

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College students want to make a difference in their communities and world but often don’t have the time or resources to do so. Offering ways to do this on campus makes it easy for students to be socially responsible and keeps student engagement high. Homecoming is a great time to host campus events that foster  Continue Reading »

How to Use Photo Ops in Your Wedding Planning

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Planning a wedding and wedding reception is a beautiful, but sometimes intimidating task. With so many details to think about, from flowers, decorations, and dresses to the caterer and DJ, you might be ready to elope! Try adding a little bit of levity to your wedding reception planning withone-of-a-kind photo booths and silly photo ops.  Continue Reading »

9 Photo Op Ideas for Your School Events

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Make all of your high school events, from Homecoming week to Prom more memorable with unique photo ops! Photo ops are an easy way to let your students have tons of fun no matter what the event. Check out these nine unique photo op ideas for your next high school event. 1.  Superhero Photo Op  Continue Reading »

How to Create a Frozen-themed Prom

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One of the most popular movies of 2013 was Frozen. Since winter wonderlands have always been a fun choice for Homecoming and Prom themes, give your winter Prom theme a Frozen-twist with these great ideas we’ve put together. Color is Important Think blue. And silver. And white. And even frost. All of these colors are  Continue Reading »

Quick Summer Activity Ideas for High School Students

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School activities don’t have to stop just because summer has arrived. Even though your high school students may want to hang out with their friends and just relax, you can still keep them involved with your school. Organizing fun, school-sponsored summer activities can get students excited to interact with their community, stay engaged, and energized  Continue Reading »

Use It or Lose It: How to Spend ‘Extra’ School Budget Funds

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Some schools have a strict policy that all budgetary funds need to be used by the last day of school (aka ‘use it or lose it’). If your club or group is in this fortunate situation and has some money left in your budget, check out these ideas on how to spend those extra dollars.  Continue Reading »

10 Easy Steps to Planning A Year-end Awards Banquet

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The end of the school year is the perfect time to single out your students for exceptional academic, artistic, and athletic achievements. Handing out awards at a year-end awards banquet not only provides student recognition, a banquet is also a great way to motivate your students so they keep up the great work for the  Continue Reading »

All Graduation Apparel is Not Created Equal: How to choose the best grad gear for your kids

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You want preschool and kindergarten graduation to be special and memorable for your kids and their families, and part of making it special is choosing the right graduation apparel for your little graduates. Here are 5 things to look for when choosing grad gear:   1) Good fit/size-appropriate Do order grad gear specifically designed for  Continue Reading »

Read All About It: 5 ways to get your students excited about reading

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Getting students excited about reading can be a challenge, sometimes, especially in this electronic age when kids would rather text, chat and listen to music than pick up a book. So, how do you promote reading in your school in ways that kids can relate to? Here are 5 easy ideas to try. 1. Reading  Continue Reading »