12 Tips to Make Your Concession Stand More Profitable

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Operating and managing a concession stand during game days, fundraisers, and other school events is a lot of work. Use these 12 tips to get the most from your concession booth or stand and yield more profits for your school.   1. Buy your own concessions equipment; don’t rent it! Use concession machines (Sno Cone,  Continue Reading »

Incredible Ideas for Your Vegas Prom Theme

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Big. BOLD. Bright. All three of these words describe the allure of Las Vegas. Is your school having a Vegas themed Prom? Keep these three words in mind as you make important decisions during the planning, purchasing, and decorating for your exciting Las Vegas Prom night! 1. Go BIG. In Las Vegas, everything seems to  Continue Reading »

Lights, Camera, Action! How to Create A Glamorous Hollywood Prom Theme

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Hollywood themes (aka awards night, movie premiere, red carpet, Hollywood romance) are always a popular idea for Prom night. But does a Hollywood theme seem a little cliche? Do you want your Hollywood theme to be ‘different?’ Use some of these fresh, new ideas to liven up this popular Prom theme idea.     Think  Continue Reading »

8 Hot Trends for Post-Prom and Graduation Parties

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Many students look forward to post-Prom parties almost as much as Prom night itself. And Senior Night or graduation parties are always memorable events that students want to be p-e-r-f-e-c-t. Give your students the best and trendiest post-Prom and graduation parties ever with these 8 hot ideas! 1. Classy and Classic Décor More schools and  Continue Reading »

The Bee’s Knees (aka Great Ideas for a 1920s Gatsby Prom Theme)

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1920s Prom themes and/or Gatsby Prom themes are very trendy right now. Like any popular Prom theme, there are hundreds of ideas out there for decorations, favors, invites, and much more. We can help you focus and find extraordinary Prom ideas to pull off an amazing 1920s or Gatsby Prom theme. Here are some ideas to get you  Continue Reading »

4 Tips to Keep Prom Safe and Run Smoothly

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After of all your careful Prom planning and organizing, the last thing you want is a Prom night that is memorable for the wrong reasons. While you may already have Prom safety included in your Prom budget and planning, you can also use any or all of the following tips to help make your Prom  Continue Reading »

6 Ways to ROCK Teacher Appreciation Week

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Teacher Appreciation Week is May 4-8, 2015 Make Teacher Appreciation Week an extra-special week of memories for your hard-working middle school teachers. Organize a week-long program that recognizes every teacher’s dedication and appropriately thanks them for everything that they do for your school and students. We have six cool ideas to totally “rock” your teachers  Continue Reading »

How to Dress Up Your Prom Tables and Dining Area

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A fancy Prom dinner is one of the highlights of the evening for students, and you will need a lot of elegant table decorations. We can help you transform drab party tables into fancy tables that look like they belong in a four-star star restaurant. Use some of the ideas below to dress up your  Continue Reading »

9 Ways to Increase Student Attendance at Prom

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Are you and your best buds on the Prom planning committee? Do you know Prom is only a month or two away? If you answered YES to both questions, you know that it’s time to actually sell Prom tickets to your classmates. Seems easy, right? Yes and no. Most students will be lining up to  Continue Reading »

10 Easy Fundraising Ideas For Preschool Graduation

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Preschool graduation is one of the biggest events of the year for students and their families, and it’s important to give your kids a special event that they will remember. But all that pomp and circumstance doesn’t come cheap. How do you do it when money is tight and your budget just isn’t big enough?  Continue Reading »