How to Make Your Prom Court Shine

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Prom night is the most amazing and memorable night of the school year. It is every girl’s dream, especially those girls that got nominated for Prom Queen. Make sure your Prom Queen, King, and Court shine the brightest that they can on Prom night with the perfect royalty items and accessories.   Tiaras are the  Continue Reading »

100th Day of School – 100 Ways to Celebrate!

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The 100th day of school is a big deal, and most elementary schools celebrate it in some way. Whether you are looking for activities each student can do on his or her own or things you can do on a classroom or school-wide level, here 100 ideas you can use to mark this important milestone  Continue Reading »

How to Set Up A Candy Buffet for Your Middle School Event

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Setting up a candy buffet at your Sadie Hawkins dance, Spirit Week, carnival, or other middle school event is more than just filling bowls with candy and setting them on a table for students. Follow these 8 steps to create an amazing candy buffet that satisfies every sweet tooth and keeps students coming back for  Continue Reading »

5 Easy Ways to Set Up A Middle School Photo Booth

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Need a new way to liven up your middle school dances, carnivals, or parties? Set up a photo booth where students can have tons of fun posing for silly photos. Students will love these because the photo booth will give them a chance to let loose and de-stress, especially around mid-terms or finals. Use any  Continue Reading »

5 Fun Middle School Spirit Week Ideas

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Is your middle school ready for Spirit Week? What are your middle school’s Spirit Week traditions? Whatever they are, use Spirit Week as a time to promote school pride, unify the student body, and make fun memories that your middle school students and teachers will cherish for a long time. Here are five fun Spirit  Continue Reading »

How to Put the FUN in Middle School Fundraising

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Fundraising is something that almost every middle school has to do. And you have to do it every year, which can make it seem a little routine. We can help you put the “fun” back in fundraising with some fresh new ideas to either replace those cookie dough and magazine sales or complement them. Try  Continue Reading »

Romantic Prom Theme Ideas for 2015

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Prom night has become synonymous with teenage girl dreams of glamour, excitement, and partying. More often than not these days, a big group of friends go to Prom together. Sure, there are couples within your group of BFFs, but when you really dream about Prom friends and glamour are the first things that come to  Continue Reading »

10 Things to Know About Customizing Your Products

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Products that feature your school name and/or mascot are must-have items for any middle school. Follow these 10 tips and tricks to create custom products for your middle school.   Customization Steps 1. Choose the product you want to customize. 2. Pick your school colors. 3. Find your mascot. Seach our graphic library on  Continue Reading »

How to Get Teens to Participate in Prom Planning

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As your school’s Prom advisor, one of your first tasks is to recruit people for your Prom planning committee, and, of course, that includes students. Having teenage students on your Prom planning committee is essential for having an amazing Prom. They are the ones who will choose the theme that resonates with other teens attending  Continue Reading »

5 Ways to Have Buckets of Fun

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Ever heard of the phrase, “buckets of fun?” You can take that phrase quite literally for any school event. In fact, custom buckets are a unique and trendy item you can use for everything from a Homecoming dance and Prom to a Senior Party. From favors to decorations buckets are multi-functional and versatile items that  Continue Reading »