How to Get Teens to Participate in Prom Planning

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As your school’s Prom advisor, one of your first tasks is to recruit people for your Prom planning committee, and, of course, that includes students. Having teenage students on your Prom planning committee is essential for having an amazing Prom. They are the ones who will choose the theme that resonates with other teens attending  Continue Reading »

5 Ways to Have Buckets of Fun

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Ever heard of the phrase, “buckets of fun?” You can take that phrase quite literally for any school event. In fact, custom buckets are a unique and trendy item you can use for everything from a Homecoming dance and Prom to a Senior Party. From favors to decorations buckets are multi-functional and versatile items that  Continue Reading »

9 Ways to Create Your Perfect Prom

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Prom night is a special night that you dream about and plan for, from your gown to your shoes to your date. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and you want it to be a picture perfect evening that will make you feel like a princess.   1. Dream Theme When you close your eyes and  Continue Reading »

Tips for An Awesome Campus Winterfest

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Start a new tradition on campus with a week-long Winterfest! This can include everything from dress-up themes for each day of the week to a pep fest and dance to the coronation of your Snow King and Queen. A fun-filled Winterfest not only breaks up those long winter months, it brings your campus together and  Continue Reading »

6 Safety Tips for Prom Night

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Prom night should be a spectacular evening where every student feels like a movie star or royalty. For adults, Prom night can make you nervous. Even though you want to give students the amazing Prom of their dreams, student safety is high on your list of priorities. Be prepared on Prom night with this handy  Continue Reading »

Cool Ideas for School Spirit All Winter Long

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When the temperatures drop, sometimes school spirit takes a dip as well. We’ve got some great ideas to help your school combat the winter blues and keep school spirit up for as long as winter lasts.   1. Winter Fundraisers Get the PTA and booster club involved in planning a big winter fundraiser that gets  Continue Reading »

10 Hot, New Prom Themes for 2015

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One of the most exciting things about planning Prom is choosing a Prom theme. You want a theme that is fresh and fun, and one that students will want to be a part of during their special evening. We’ve put together our top 10 favorite Prom theme ideas for 2015. Choose one of these Prom  Continue Reading »

10 Ways to Engage Students During College Homecoming

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Homecoming should be a time of year when student engagement and school spirit is running highest, but with students gearing up for midterms and involved in work and other activities, sometimes school spirit is the last thing people are thinking about. Here are 10 easy things you can do to bring students, staff and alumni  Continue Reading »

5 Ways to Celebrate Your Middle School Graduation

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Celebrating a middle school graduation can be anything from a formal ceremony to casual get together to simple function. We have five fun celebration ideas for you to try next June. Choose the one that fits your middle school’s needs, style, size, and traditions. 1. Traditional Ceremony Go all out for your middle school graduation  Continue Reading »

Top 5 Best Awards For Elementary School Students

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It’s never too early to start thinking about elementary school student awards. Whether you want on-the-spot rewards for classrooms, semester or quarterly awards for academics and attendance, or formal awards for your year-end award ceremony, here is a list of the top 5 best awards for your elementary school students. 1) Traditional Awards Classic student  Continue Reading »