29 Tips for Planning an After-Prom Party

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Prom night is one of the most special, fun, and memorable nights of a teenager’s high school experience. Keep the fun going all night, even after Prom officially ends, with an equally exciting and memorable after-Prom party. Typically organized by teachers and parent volunteers, after-Prom parties are the perfect way to provide a more casual,  Continue Reading »

Top 5 Items to Recognize Middle School Birthdays

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Student birthdays are always a big deal, especially in middle school. Most students officially become teenagers during their middle school years. Of course, birthdays are always a celebration no matter what the students’ age, and you should be prepared for all of them. Recognize every middle school students’ birthday throughout the school year with these  Continue Reading »

Ways to Protect and Store Your Middle School Mascot Costume

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A mascot costume is a big investment for your middle school. Your mascot is a huge part of your school life; it is a symbol of your school pride that will bring memories for years to come. To help you get the most from your mascot costume, we have put together some tips to help  Continue Reading »

Top 10 TOP TEEN Products for Prom

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Planning your high school Prom is all about giving teenagers the Prom of their dreams. In order to achieve that, we value feedback from the very teenagers that will attend Prom. Teens have told us which Prom favors they like most for 2015, and we are passing that information on to you! Here’s a Top  Continue Reading »

5 Last-Minute Fundraiser Ideas for Prom

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With a new calendar year under way, Prom will be here before you know it. With so much left to plan for, do you need to raise some more funds to cover unexpected Prom planning costs? Try one of these five fun fundraising ideas for raise more funds for Prom night.   1. Pre-sell flowers  Continue Reading »

Use Character to Stand Up and Speak Out Against Bullying

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Bullying appears in many forms (verbal, cyber, et al.) in middle schools and we know this is a real problem. While we don’t presume to be an expert on the issue, Anderson’s understands the unique challenges middle schools face when it comes to bullying. Schools have a lot of pressure and passion to put anti-bullying  Continue Reading »

How to Create the Perfect Paris Prom Theme

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Paris Prom themes are a very popular idea for Prom night. Who wouldn’t want to travel to the City of Lights and experience a little romance underneath the Eiffel Tower? Paris is a romantic and historic city with lots of creative possibilities you can use for a Prom theme. Use any or all these fun  Continue Reading »

3 Ways to Build and Award Character in Your Middle School Students

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What is your middle school doing to encourage and reward good character? This is a question many middle schools have to ponder and answer. Character education units in a health or social studies class are one solution. Pledge murals may be another answer. Some schools hang banners in hallways with character attributes. We’ve got a  Continue Reading »

How to Make Your Prom Court Shine

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Prom night is the most amazing and memorable night of the school year. It is every girl’s dream, especially those girls that got nominated for Prom Queen. Make sure your Prom Queen, King, and Court shine the brightest that they can on Prom night with the perfect royalty items and accessories.   Tiaras are the  Continue Reading »

100th Day of School – 100 Ways to Celebrate!

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The 100th day of school is a big deal, and most elementary schools celebrate it in some way. Whether you are looking for activities each student can do on his or her own or things you can do on a classroom or school-wide level, here 100 ideas you can use to mark this important milestone  Continue Reading »