8 Unique Decorating Ideas for Homecoming and Prom

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Even though your Homecoming dance and Prom night are always full of excitement, decorating for these annual school events may seem more like a chore than fun. We can help you inject some extra festiveness into your theme decorations with unique items that will take your decorations from basic to beautiful.   1. Chandeliers After  Continue Reading »

12 Fun Homecoming Parade Float Ideas

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Homecoming isn’t complete without an amazing, exciting, spirit-pumping Homecoming parade! Your parade is a big, rallying event that gets your whole student body involved, the local community involved, and revs up school pride for the big Homecoming game. Check out these 12 hot decorative ideas for parade floats for your Homecoming parade.   1. Royalty  Continue Reading »

5 New Ways to Practice Character with Your Students

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With all the social and peer pressures that your middle school students face, it is important to remind them of what they can do and be. Teach your students the importance of character and self-talk during Character Week. Use one character trait for each day of Character Week, and encourage students to practice that trait  Continue Reading »

How to Create an Engaging College Homecoming Theme

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Choosing a theme is one of the most important parts of planning your college Homecoming. The theme sets the tone for the entire week of festivities and determines how engaged your students and alumni will be with all the events associated with Homecoming. The right theme is essential for maximum participation. So, how do you  Continue Reading »

7 Tips to Help You Earn Rave Reviews at Your Elementary School Movie Night

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A Family Movie Night is a great way to keep students and parents engaged in your elementary school, as well as an easy way to fundraise for your school. Here are 7 fun and easy tips for a five-star Movie Night event: 1) Make it Convenient Choose a day and time that works for both  Continue Reading »

5 Easy Ways to Recognize Elementary Student Council Members

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Being part of an elementary Student Council is a great way for kids to learn important life skills, like leadership, citizenship, cooperation, and responsibility. These leaders are the voice of your student body and serve an important role in your school. Here are 5 easy ways to recognize your Student Council members for all the  Continue Reading »

Video: Profitable Ideas for Prom Fundraising

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Whether you’re fundraising for Prom, Homecoming, team activities or anything else, you have one goal – make money. In this video below we’ll give some of the most profitable ways you can raise funds. Before you get started, be sure to set a fundraising goal by taking the total amount of money you need, minus  Continue Reading »

How to Create a Masquerade Prom Theme

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Masquerade themes are a popular Prom idea that students love. It can be romantic, casual, fancy, mysterious, dark, moody, bright and/or exciting. It’s all about your Prom and high school’s style. We’ve put together a few things to consider as you start to plan and create an amazing Masquerade theme for your Prom night.    Continue Reading »

Middle School Milestone: The Completion Ceremony

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Start a new tradition at your middle school with a completion ceremony, a once-in-a-lifetime milestone! A completion ceremony is similar to a high school graduation ceremony, but can be much less formal. Completion ceremonies are not so much about marking the end of a student’s middle school years, but the beginning of the transition into  Continue Reading »

Top 5 Must-Haves For a Perfect Hollywood Prom Theme

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You can never go wrong with a Hollywood Prom theme. Hollywood themes are timeless, fun, and, versatile. Whether you choose to go old style with a fun 1920s flair or you choose a more modern vibe, you can create the perfect Hollywood Prom theme quickly and easily. Here are your top 5 must-haves: 1.) An  Continue Reading »