Read All About It: 5 ways to get your students excited about reading

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Getting students excited about reading can be a challenge, sometimes, especially in this electronic age when kids would rather text, chat and listen to music than pick up a book. So, how do you promote reading in your school in ways that kids can relate to? Here are 5 easy ideas to try. 1. Reading  Continue Reading »

14 Summer Fundraising Ideas for Your School

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Summer vacation is only a short time between school years, but you can use this time to your school’s advantage. Summer months are a great time to bring community members together and boost school pride with fundraising ideas. Hold several fundraisers during summer for your high school sports teams and clubs. We’ve put together fourteen  Continue Reading »

Finishing Touches: 5 Ways to Enhance Your Prom Decorations

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When it comes to Prom decorations, getting the perfect look is key. Sometimes, all it takes is the addition of a few small but effective elements to take your décor from just fine to absolutely FABULOUS. Try some of these easy ideas and see what a difference they can make for your Prom decorations. 1.  Continue Reading »

Celebrate Your Student Council Officers and Members with A Party

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Being part of a high school student council is a great opportunity for students to learn and practice leadership skills, responsibility, and community service. With the school year coming to an end, recognize the hard work of your student council members with a special celebration. Casual or fancy, an end-of-year party is the perfect chance to  Continue Reading »

5 Creative Ways to Pay For Preschool Graduation

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Graduation is one of the biggest events of the year for preschool and kindergarten students, but all that pomp and circumstance doesn’t come cheap. We know you want to give your kids a special and memorable graduation, but how do you do it when money is tight and your budget just isn’t big enough? Here  Continue Reading »

5 Ways to Make Your Middle School Dance Fun

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For PTO members, planning and organizing a middle school dance for students in their preteen years can be a lot fun, but also has unique challenges. You need to provide middle school students with a night of “grown-up,” but age appropriate fun and excitement that can lure them away from texting and SnapChat. Try using  Continue Reading »

6 Clever Ways to Reuse Your Prom Decorations

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Did you know that your Prom decorations could be reused? Once Prom night is over, your Prom committee will need to decide what to do with those ‘leftover’ Prom decorations. Try using one of these six clever and creative ways to reuse those decorations within your school during the last days of the school year.  Continue Reading »

Awesome Gift Ideas for Prom Volunteers

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Your teachers, staff members, and parent volunteers and chaperones are invaluable members of any Prom Committee.  These are the very people who ensure that your Prom theme comes to life and that everything runs smoothly on Prom night. Be sure that you recognize the contributions, dedication, and efforts of every Prom volunteer and chaperone with  Continue Reading »

Benefits of Early Childhood Student Recognition

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A little encouragement can go a long way in building early childhood student confidence. Even the littlest kids can benefit from some kind of recognition, whether verbal praise or a small tangible token. Acknowledging achievements, both big and small, will set your preschool and kindergarten kids up for success later in life. Here are a  Continue Reading »

Rolling Out the Red Carpet for Alumni at College Homecoming

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Ideas for when alums return to campus:   1)    If you have a budget for it, you can do some superficial landscaping to spruce up the campus. Whether it’s a new small flowerbed, some new trees, or even recreating an aspect of signage, a small change in appearances can make a big difference. 2)    If  Continue Reading »