Ideas to Boost School Spirit

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Contributed by Kori J., Cheer Advisor, Costa Mesa, CA

Here are some ideas to boost School Spirit among students and staff.

  • Create a student section, rope off a section just for students to sit right in front of the cheerleaders – create a “cool name” for them.
  • Teach the students some of the fun cheers and chants– use them to help the other side hear just how spirited you are.
  • Get your school band involved- learn dances and shouts to the songs they play.
  • Have fans of the week and announce them during a quarter break, have them come down to the field and get their prize.
  • Encourage your fans to dress in school colors- paint their bodies, hold signs etc.
  • Have your cheerleaders do “fan throws” throw shirts, beads, megaphones, or other spirit items–this always gets the fans crazy.
  • Decorate your stadium, gym etc–posters, balloons, streamers, make your crowd feel like they are at a party.