Homecoming Float Decorations

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Homecoming Float Decorations

Homecoming Floats Decorations that Rock!

No homecoming parade is complete without a variety of beautiful, fun or even zany floats! The recipe for creating amazing homecoming floats is simple: Just add Anderson’s! We can help you bring your homecoming float ideas to the parade with our affordable float decorations. Or, if you’re out of ideas and running out of time, we have tons of great float kits that are ready to go!

Create Your Own Homecoming Float

Anderson’s has all the decorations you need to create a homecoming float consistent with your school’s traditions. Here are a few float decorating materials essential to creating an exciting homecoming float for this year’s parade!

Fringe – Drape fringe over the sides of your float bed base. It helps hide an unsightly undercarriage and flutters gently in the wind to create a fun and festive look for your float. Available in metallic, vinyl or tissue.

Floral Sheeting – Create rich texture and color! Cover your entire float bed or wrap around poles or other float structures. Available in vinyl or metallic.

Festooning – These garlands are a great accent to your homecoming float. Versatile and lightweight, festooning is perfect for edging and decorating. Available in metallic, vinyl or tissue.

Pomps – For large, colorful, detailed structures, pomps provide the perfect texture and come in all colors of the rainbow and then some! Simply create a chicken wire structure, and fill each hole with pomps in the color and pattern of your dreams! Available in metallic, tissue or poly.

Styrofoam Letters – Spell out anything you want with jumbo Styrofoam letters and numbers. Use tempera paints to add some color. Available 8″ or 11″ high.

Banners – Don’t forget to announce who created your homecoming float and who sponsored it! Use a 24″ x 52″ custom banner with your words and design.

Anderson’s Homecoming Float Ideas

It’s fun to be creative when it comes to your homecoming float, but it takes time, money and a lot of effort to put all your ideas together. We have taken the time and effort upon ourselves to create jaw-dropping homecoming float ideas that will save you money! Our float kits come with easy-to-read instructions that will cut down your decorating time significantly. You still get the fun of putting together your float without all the crazy legwork that comes with designing it too!

We’d also like to offer you help in building your parade floats in the form of a couple of other blog articles on the subject: How to Build a Float – will give you everything you need, including a downloadable measurement guide to help you figure out exactly how much of each float-building material you will need, and Float Building Supplies will give you more details on all the float building materials we have available for you and what to use each for.

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