31 Ways to Celebrate National Reading Month

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March is National Reading Month and the birthday month of one of the most beloved children’s book authors of all time – Dr. Seuss. In honor of these two special events, we’ve put together a list of 31 ways to celebrate reading in your elementary school.

1. Set a school-wide reading goal! Chart progress and celebrate milestones.

2. Classroom book club! Split students into groups to form their own book clubs. Let them name their club, choose books to read, and facilitate their own discussions.

3. Read-a-thon! Have a school or classroom reading contest and see how many books (or minutes) students can log in a month. Hand out bookmarks to generate excitement.

4. Take a field trip to your local library! Sign up for library cards!

5. Write a story Seuss-style!  Andersons_FamilyReading

6. Mystery Reader! Invite parents, the principal, or other “mystery” guests into your classroom to read to your students.

7. Hand out reading awards and incentives to keep kids engaged with and excited for reading.

8. Hand out reading pencils and have students keep a journal about books they read.

9. Host a reading carnival where each booth is reading-related.

10. Write-your-own book! Have students write and illustrate their own books.

11. Family Reading Night! Invite parents and siblings for an evening of stories.

12. Learn about Seuss’ life and books.

13. Act it out! Have students put on a play or puppet show based on books they’ve read.

14. Posters! Let students create posters representing their favorite books.

15. Create and play a trivia game based on books.

16. Book exchange! Have a school or classroom book swap.

17. Write to an author! Have students write fan letters to their favorite authors.

18. Costume Day! Have students come to school dressed as their favorite book character.

19. Create a reading nook in your classroom! Stock it with comfy seating and tons of books.

20. Decorate your classrooms! Have each class choose a genre or book and decorate their classroom to match it.

21. Create your own book cover! Let students design their own book covers and then share with the class what their book would be about.

22. Reading scavenger hunt! Send students on a hunt for reading-related items or books.

23. Create a classroom book! Get everyone involved in choosing the topic, writing, and illustrating the book.

24. Reading show-and-tell. Let students share their favorite books with the class.

25. Shared reading time! Visit other classrooms and read to the students there.

26. Wacky Words! Let students come up with their own wacky words (Dr. Seuss-style)! Then put them together to make a story.

27. Read a recipe! Either at home or in class, have students read a recipe and make a tasty treat.

28. Book BINGO! Create a book-title BINGO game.

29. Door décor! Have each classroom choose a book and decorate their door to represent it.

30. Word find! Create a word find for your students that highlights book titles or character names.

31. Seuss’ birthday party! Celebrate the author with a fun party featuring Seuss-style décor and food. andersonsmz_dressupday

Whether you choose one of these activities every day for the entire month of March or pick out a few to focus on. However you choose to celebrate National Reading Month, these are great ways to get your kids involved, engaged, and excited about reading.

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