How to Integrate Your Prom Theme With Your Venue

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Whether you’re holding your Prom dance at your high school or at an off-site venue, it can be a challenge to get your theme decorations to work flawlessly with the space you have to work with. Here are a few easy ideas to seamlessly integrate your Prom theme into your venue.


Prom Decorations

Naturally, you want your prom decorations to match your theme. Consider purchasing a complete prom theme that includes everything you need. Place pieces strategically around your space, arranging them to best suit the area you have to work with. You might have to get creative when it comes to odd-shaped areas or aspects of the room that you have to work around, like: 

• Ceilings: Depending on the look, you might not need to do anything at all. Beautiful, ballroom-style ceilings will work perfectly as they are. Unsightly ceilings can be covered with fabric (use a magnet kit, or ceiling draping kit, so you don’t damage the ceiling), chandeliers, or patterned background paper to match you’re theme.

• Corners: Turn odd-shaped corners or nooks into part of your theme by filling them with columns, cardboard silhouettes, or theme accent pieces, like trees, or streetlights.

• Bleachers or Lockers: Large areas like these can actually be used to your advantage when it comes to decorating for Prom. Cover with murals or background paper and use them as your theme background or photo backdrops.


Prom Tables

Andersons Prom Table Cover and Centerpiece IdeaYou don’t want your prom tables to stand out; you want them to blend in with your theme décor as much as possible. To do this, use table covers, cracked ice, or paper that matches your theme. Line with lights and add chair covers and sashes to chairs. Accent both tables and chairs with coordinating table and chair décor, so they become part of your theme instead of extra pieces.


Prom Photo Op Areas

Finding a space for a photo area can be tricky, because these spaces often don’t fit in with the tone of your theme. Here are a few ideas for photo spaces in your venue:

Set up a photo area at the entrance (works well with a Hollywood or Red Carpet theme), so as not to ruin the flow of the theme decorations. Andersons_WeddingPhotoBooth

Create a separate space (or room) away from the rest of the theme for a selfie station or photo booth. Stock it with photo props and give teens space to spread out.

Don’t have a designated photo area. Encourage students to take their own pics throughout the night and post on social media.


Seamlessly integrating your Prom theme and your venue is an important part of giving your teens the full Prom experience. Take advantage of these easy ideas, and get creative with your own, to create the perfect memorable event for all your Prom attendees.


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