How to Make Prom More Inclusive

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Prom is supposed to be a rite of passage for all students, but often, many students miss out on the fun, because they can’t afford to go, they don’t have a date, or they feel like they don’t fit in. Here are some easy ways to make Prom more inclusive, so everyone has the opportunity to attend.

Make Prom “Dates Optional”Andersons Prom Photo Ops Light Wall
To make everyone feel welcome, stress the fact that dates are optional. Encourage students to come in groups of friends or even by themselves. Instead of couples-oriented Prom favors (like matched sets or “his and her” items), offer favors that will appeal to everyone (like technology items, swag bags, or picture frames).

Redefine Royalty
Being a member of the Prom court is often reserved for the most popular or good-looking students, leaving others feeling left out. Change up the way you elect your court by choosing your royalty based on merit or talent, instead of popularity or looks. Or, instead of having traditional royalty titles, like King, Queen, Prince, and Princess, fill your court with unique and more diverse titles, like these, to give more students a chance to participate:

  • Best Prom Hair
  • Grooviest Dancer
  • Most Creative Prom Outfit
  • Funniest Prom Photo

Andersons Prom Photo Ops Step and Repeat WallWear What You Have
Many students opt to skip Prom because they simply cannot afford it. Declare that this year’s Prom is “wear what you have.” Encourage students to wear outfits they already have instead of buying new dresses or renting tuxes. This will allow students to attend who might not normally be able to, and teens will be more comfortable in their own clothes.

Include More Students in Planning
Get more students invested in the cause by including the entire student body in the planning. Poll students for theme and décor ideas, create a social media site that everyone can access, invite all the members of the Junior and Senior classes, and get students involved in decorating. The more invested they are, the more students will feel like Prom is “their” event, and the more comfortable they will be about attending.

Different personalities, styles, and looks are what make Prom special. Follow these easy tips to make Prom more inclusive, engaging, and fun for everyone at your high school.

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