Top 10 Prom Favor Ideas

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Handing out favors is a traditional part of Prom festivities, but how do you know what your teens will like? Here are our top 10 recommendations for cool and trendy favors your teens will love.

1. Swag Bags Casino Night Prom Swag Bag

Give your students the VIP treatment. Either purchase swag bags sets that come with favors to match your theme or create your own.

2. Technology Items

Teens love technology favors! Choose anything from phone chargers to power banks to speakers, add your custom imprint, and you’ll have the perfect keepsake.

3. Drinkware/Glassware

Choose classic glassware or trendy drinkware. Teens love water bottles, tumblers, mugs, and more that feature your custom Prom imprint.

4. Photo Frames

How best to show off those Prom selfies? With a classic picture frame favor, of course. Teens love displaying their Prom photos in beautiful frames that help them remember the big event.

5. Glow Keepsakes

Great options for a glow, neon, 1980’s or even tropical theme, glow and light-up jewelry, drinkware, and accessories are must-have favors for Prom.

6. Candy

Candy is always a teen favorite. Fill small jars with colored candy and add your custom imprint to personalize it for your theme. Or hand out chocolate bars with personalized wrappers.

7. T-shirts

A wearable keepsake is a great favor choice. Every time they wear their personalized T-shirts, your teens will remember Prom and the great time they had.

8. Sunglasses

Perfect for a tropical island or beach theme, sunglasses are favors teens can use all the time. Choose a classic style or fun and trendy one and add your imprint to match your theme.

9. Key Chains

Classic favors your teens will use every day, key chains come in a ton of styles, from photo frames to mood to rhinestone and bling.

10. Backpacks/Bags 

Non-traditional prom favor choices, backpacks are trendy, fun, and useful. Fill custom-imprinted bags with T-shirts and other favors, and use them as “swag bags” to match any theme.


No matter which favors you choose, be sure to personalize them with a custom imprint to create one-of-a-kind keepsakes to commemorate your special Prom event.


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