Student Engagement

Crisis Response In College Community

Occasionally and unfortunately, moments of disaster come to a community. It is something that is never expected or wished for, but when it does happen, it is good for your college to be prepped to respond. A great example of this situation in action was the chemical spill in West Virginia. Washington State Community College  Continue Reading »

Resources for Mental Health on College Campuses

As students grow into their adult lives, there are many challenges they will face: personal struggle, family issues, stress, peer pressure, finances, among other things. Before you think about: 1) setting matters in place or 2) if you already have — it is good to remember a few things. First, it is important to keep  Continue Reading »

Humorous / Helpful Tips for First-Year College Students

Whether a student is coming in as a freshly graduated high school student or a transfer student from community college or elsewhere, that student is coming into a new environment and everything has changed. Here are some humorous tips to know what to look for if you work in administration, student affairs, or student development:  Continue Reading »

Gratefulness: A Natural Morale Booster for College Campuses

College is a span of time that is filled with a million changes. When a young adult comes to campus, an entirely new sphere of life and influence is created. Within those changes come the struggles of life, and it can be easy for students to wrestle with some heavy issues, some rightly draining of  Continue Reading »

5 Fun Activities to Engage Students at Your University

Engaging students, both new and old, is a huge goal of college student activities departments at every college and university. An engaged student (though it has many different definitions) is essentially someone who is emotionally and psychologically engaged in school. They’re eager, motivated and inspired to achieve their best work. One of the best way  Continue Reading »