Fundraising Printable Flyer

This professional looking flyer can be edited and customized to fit your event or fundraiser. Fundraising Flyer (Editable pdf – See page 2 of pdf for example)

Event Planning

This time of year planning is underway for Winter and Spring Events. With an early start you can prepare for fundraising events, organize more volunteers, get donations, take advantage of special offers and make sure your event is the best it can be. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with your “to do” list, take advantage  Continue Reading »

5 Fab Fundraising Ideas for Senior All Night Party

Five Fab Fundraising Ideas for YOUR Senior All Night Party   Your kids’ Senior All Night Party is the last school event your kids will attend. It’s this special event that your kids will probably remember most as they go off to college and become young adults. As a parent volunteer, you want to make  Continue Reading »

Creative Graduation Projects for Kids

Getting ready for graduation from pre-school or kindergarten can be an exciting time. Letting the kids create their own apparel for the big event is a fun way to express their creativity and is easy on the budget. If your finances don’t allow you to purchase gowns, sashes, caps and apparel for the kids, this is  Continue Reading »

7 Ideas to Make Graduation Memorable

Early Childhood Graduation – An important milestone.  Graduation from pre-school or kindergarten can be the first major milestone in a young child’s life. Making it memorable for the kids and parents requires a little planning, but it’s definitely worth the rewards. Place & Time Set a time that is convenient for parents & grandparents. Evening  Continue Reading »

End-of-Year Ideas: Summer Survival Kit

A little something from you, as you say goodbye to your class! With the school year winding down you may be thinking about a good-bye gift for the kids. The craziness of the classroom, and all the end-of-year activities make it hard to find the time or money for something special. These Summer Survival Kits  Continue Reading »

6 Functional Prom Favor Ideas

To favor, or not to favor, that is the question daunting many Prom and Senior-All-Night-Party committees. Budgets are tight, and trying to include everthing on your wish list is harder than ever. Favors are a nice momento of their special night, but let’s face it, long after Prom or graduation is over they end up forgotten  Continue Reading »

How to put the FUN in Fun-draising

  Fundraising. The mere mention of the word can send shivers down the spine of well-intentioned students and advisors. It’s time to leave those old fears behind. This year make fundraising fun with new ideas, or twists on some old ones. Think outside the fundraising box and re-ignite excitement in students! (not to mention raise  Continue Reading »

Paw Pride Graduation Gifts

  Need some new ideas for graduation gifts instead of custom pens and mugs? Hand out paw-themed products to your graduating Seniors instead! Products with lots of paws are a nod to your school mascot, they make unique graduation gifts for students, and they can also used as year-end gifts for staff and volunteers.   •Backpacks •Water  Continue Reading »

How To Have An Extraordinary Graduation Ceremony

  High School Graduation; few moments are as meaningful or memorable. A day to reflect, rejoice and remember. A milestone worthy of a remarkable ceremony. Here are a few tips to help you make your ceremony extraordinary.   Involve the Graduates Every graduate has someone in the audience watching, cheering and shedding a tear. Involve  Continue Reading »