Early Childhood

Summer Fun! Tie Dye Shirts

Kickstart your summer fun with Tie-Dye Shirts for the whole gang. Start with T-shirts imprinted with your school or group name or logo, then get creative with tie-dye for unique group shirts. These work great for summer camps, activity groups, teams or school groups. Kids can get wildly creative with their designs, while the whole group still has unity. Make them for field  Continue Reading »

Battle of the Bands

  In case you haven’t heard, the newest fad has hit. Kids are going crazy for these shaped rubber bands. Whether called Silly, Fun or Buddy Bands, they are all the rage, and creating quite a controversy. Kids love them, and let’s face it; what’s not to love? Bright colored wristbands in fun shapes that  Continue Reading »

Fundraising Printable Flyer

This professional looking flyer can be edited and customized to fit your event or fundraiser. Fundraising Flyer (Editable pdf – See page 2 of pdf for example)

Event Planning

This time of year planning is underway for Winter and Spring Events. With an early start you can prepare for fundraising events, organize more volunteers, get donations, take advantage of special offers and make sure your event is the best it can be. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with your “to do” list, take advantage  Continue Reading »

5 Fab Fundraising Ideas for Senior All Night Party

Five Fab Fundraising Ideas for YOUR Senior All Night Party   Your kids’ Senior All Night Party is the last school event your kids will attend. It’s this special event that your kids will probably remember most as they go off to college and become young adults. As a parent volunteer, you want to make  Continue Reading »

Track and Field Day

  Field Day is just around the corner. Are you ready? The signs of Spring are beginning to appear, and that means one thing. FIELD DAY is coming! Choose a theme for your Field Day and tailor your events to fit the theme! Some theme ideas are: Pirate Days, Medieval Games, Beach Fun, or The  Continue Reading »

Teacher Appreciation Week – Gift Ideas

  Teacher Appreciation Week is May 4-8, 2009. This is the time to say “Thank You” to all the teachers in your school for the dedication they display every day in shaping the lives of children. While verbally expressing your thanks is important, tangible tokens of acknowledgement go a long way when it comes to  Continue Reading »

Props Enhance Your Events

Make Your Holiday Event Memorable and Fun with Scene Stealing Props! Looking for a fundraiser during the holidays? Scene setters are a great way to decorate for the season and earn some extra money!  Large Sleigh Photo Op Kit: Host a toy or food drive and use the sleigh as your collection box. It’s fun, festive and  Continue Reading »

Planning Your Fall Events

As everyone settles back into the routine, it’s time to start thinking about Fall events. This time of year is perfect to kick off your school year and promote a feeling of community amongst families, raise some much-needed funds, and most importantly have fun! Start by choosing your event. Remember you don’t always have to  Continue Reading »

On-the-Spot Rewards

Looking for ‘On the Spot’ Rewards to Motivate Students? Are your students amazing but seem that they have little to no motivation to participate in class? Get them excited about answering questions and participating with ‘on the spot’ rewards! These types of awards are simple, budget friendly and your students will love them. What are  Continue Reading »