Awards & Recognition

Top 5 Best Awards For Elementary School Students

It’s never too early to start thinking about elementary school student awards. Whether you want on-the-spot rewards for classrooms, semester or quarterly awards for academics and attendance, or formal awards for your year-end award ceremony, here is a list of the top 5 best awards for your elementary school students. 1) Traditional Awards Classic student  Continue Reading »

5 Easy Ways to Recognize Elementary Student Council Members

Being part of an elementary Student Council is a great way for kids to learn important life skills, like leadership, citizenship, cooperation, and responsibility. These leaders are the voice of your student body and serve an important role in your school. Here are 5 easy ways to recognize your Student Council members for all the  Continue Reading »

5 Benefits to Rewarding Your Student Leaders

They say that elementary student leaders are made, not born. A little encouragement can go a long way in building elementary student confidence and important leadership skills. Kids of all age groups can benefit from some kind of recognition, whether verbal praise or a small tangible token. Acknowledging academic, social, and behavioral achievements will set  Continue Reading »

5 Ways to Stretch Your Student Awards Budget

Student awards are great for inspiring and motivating your elementary school students, but awards can get expensive if you have several award ceremonies throughout the year or you use them every day in your school or individual classrooms. Here are 5 easy ways to save money on student awards without depriving your kids of the  Continue Reading »

Read All About It: 5 ways to get your students excited about reading

Getting students excited about reading can be a challenge, sometimes, especially in this electronic age when kids would rather text, chat and listen to music than pick up a book. So, how do you promote reading in your school in ways that kids can relate to? Here are 5 easy ideas to try. 1. Reading  Continue Reading »

On-the-Spot Rewards

Looking for ‘On the Spot’ Rewards to Motivate Students? Are your students amazing but seem that they have little to no motivation to participate in class? Get them excited about answering questions and participating with ‘on the spot’ rewards! These types of awards are simple, budget friendly and your students will love them. What are  Continue Reading »

20 Ways to Use Award Pins

Award Pins serve many purposes. They help to recognize student participation and achievement. They promote good behavior and positive habits. They create pride and self confidence in kids. Mascot or school pins can be used as fundraisers, school promotion, school spirit, or thank-you gifts, and subject specific pins make every award personal and meaningful. Most  Continue Reading »

Stick-Decals are Fun Classroom Rewards

Stick-A Decals are a great tool in your classroom! Elementary kid’s love to collect them, and stick them on all sorts of things! Folders, lockers, backpacks, mirrors, windows, desks, the possibilities are endless!  They have a sticky backing that can be applied, peeled-off and re-applied. They leave no sticky residue and can be stuck and  Continue Reading »

10 Ideas for The Appreciation Station

Contributed by Ashley D., Teacher, White Lake, MI An extremely great way to keep students motivated is by offering positive reinforcement! The Appreciation Station is a GREAT way to motivate students! I don’t know how I ever taught without it!When students have incentives for their positive behaviors, actions, and work habits they are so much  Continue Reading »

Positive Reinforcement Makes a Lasting Impression

  Contributed by Shaalom S., Principal, Lake Charles, LA In this day and age we are constantly hearing negative reports about the state of education in our country.  But as a proud member of the education field I can tell you that there are many positive changes taking place in America’s schools. As educators it is  Continue Reading »