7 Tips to Help You Earn Rave Reviews at Your Elementary School Movie Night

A Family Movie Night is a great way to keep students and parents engaged in your elementary school, as well as an easy way to fundraise for your school. Here are 7 fun and easy tips for a five-star Movie Night event: 1) Make it Convenient Choose a day and time that works for both  Continue Reading »

Video: Profitable Ideas for Prom Fundraising

Whether you’re fundraising for Prom, Homecoming, team activities or anything else, you have one goal – make money. In this video below we’ll give some of the most profitable ways you can raise funds. Before you get started, be sure to set a fundraising goal by taking the total amount of money you need, minus  Continue Reading »

14 Summer Fundraising Ideas for Your School

Summer vacation is only a short time between school years, but you can use this time to your school’s advantage. Summer months are a great time to bring community members together and boost school pride with fundraising ideas. Hold several fundraisers during summer for your high school sports teams and clubs. We’ve put together fourteen  Continue Reading »

How to Create A Great Senior All Night Party

Your Senior All Night Party is one last big bash your seniors will remember forever. It is one of the last times they will be together—having fun, laughing, and making memories. To make sure your Senior All Night Party is the best it can be we have put together a few tips to assist you  Continue Reading »

What’s New? 10 Hot New Products from Anderson’s

It’s 2014! A new calendar year means there is only half a school year left. Even though your middle school students may view that fact as a positive thing, as a middle school educator we know you have a limited amount of time right now to finish lesson plans, motivate middle school students, and hand  Continue Reading »

Five Fast and Fun Prom Fundraising Ideas

Not all of your Prom fundraising efforts have to be elaborate events that involve a ton of work. Try one of these five quick and easy fundraising ideas for your Prom: 1. 50/50 Raffle Sell tickets for this quick fundraiser during school sporting events, lunch periods, concerts, and school plays. You can even go into  Continue Reading »

The 12 Responsibilities Every Prom Advisor Should Know

Are you a first time Prom advisor? Are you experienced advisor whose advice has been sought out but don’t know where to start? We have put together the twelve responsibilities a Prom advisor should keep in mind when planning Prom. These responsibilities can also be used as a tool to see who might be interested  Continue Reading »

5 School Store Must-Haves to Maximize Profits

School stores are a great way to increase student engagement and school spirit while making a profit. A big decision school store managers face is what to order. There are countless options for spirit wear,  school supplies, and novelty items to choose from for your store shelves. Here is a list of the top 5  Continue Reading »

6 Steps for Creating a Fantastic School Fundraiser

  Whether you are using your school store as a fundraising venue or you are planning, organizing, and executing a fundraiser outside of your school store, the goal is the same: to earn money for your school, team or organization. That means making a profit above and beyond what you put into the fundraising efforts.  Continue Reading »

How to Choose School Store Items Your Kids Will Love

Use this quick list to stock your school store with perfect supplies that maximize your profits and your kids will love. 1. Functional School Supplies School supplies include everything from pens, pencils, and erasers, to folders, organizers, and backpacks. Every school store needs these day-to-day essentials, especially in cool colors that students love. Better yet,  Continue Reading »