10 Great Fundraising Ideas

Whether you are raising funds for Homecoming, Prom or anything in between, here are some great fundraising ideas for you. 1. One Person’s Junk Everyone will find new treasures at a school-wide rummage sale! Ask students, teachers, and parents to raid their closets, bedrooms, and music collections for items to donate. Then, have a huge  Continue Reading »

8 Tips for Managing a Successful School Store

If you’re getting ready to open a School Store in your high school, or re-vamp the one you have, these eight tips will help your store be profitable and rewarding. 1.     The Plan Start by creating a business plan. Better yet, have your school store manager create one. It can be simple or extravagant. You’ll want  Continue Reading »

5 Fun Spirit Week Ideas

Are you ready for Spirit Week? What are your school’s Spirit Week traditions? Whatever they are, use Spirit Week as a time to promote school spirit, unify the student body and make fun memories your students and teachers will cherish for a lifetime. Some fun Spirit Week ideas: 1. Deck the halls! A hallway decorating  Continue Reading »

Rev Up School Spirit for March Madness

When the calendar rolls to March it’s time to get crazy with school spirit! March Madness is a great time to get students and staff in the spirit! Use some of these ideas to start the madness and watch the fever spread throughout your school.   Spirit Days: Everyone loves spirit days during homecoming. Consider  Continue Reading »

Fundraising Printable Flyer

This professional looking flyer can be edited and customized to fit your event or fundraiser. Fundraising Flyer (Editable pdf – See page 2 of pdf for example)

Event Planning

This time of year planning is underway for Winter and Spring Events. With an early start you can prepare for fundraising events, organize more volunteers, get donations, take advantage of special offers and make sure your event is the best it can be. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with your “to do” list, take advantage  Continue Reading »

5 Fab Fundraising Ideas for Senior All Night Party

Five Fab Fundraising Ideas for YOUR Senior All Night Party   Your kids’ Senior All Night Party is the last school event your kids will attend. It’s this special event that your kids will probably remember most as they go off to college and become young adults. As a parent volunteer, you want to make  Continue Reading »

Planning Your Fall Events

As everyone settles back into the routine, it’s time to start thinking about Fall events. This time of year is perfect to kick off your school year and promote a feeling of community amongst families, raise some much-needed funds, and most importantly have fun! Start by choosing your event. Remember you don’t always have to  Continue Reading »

How to Run a Successful School Store

If you’re getting ready to open a School Store, or re-vamp the one you have, these guidelines will help your store be profitable and rewarding. The Plan Start by creating a business plan. It can be simple or extravagant. You’ll want to calculate costs, potential profits, and outline a general plan of action. Location. Location.  Continue Reading »

Fundraising ideas for Your School

Almost every American school includes fundraising efforts as part of its tradition every year. For elementary-aged students, participating in a school fundraiser is a practically a rite of passage; we all remember going door to door in our neighborhoods selling wrapping paper, candy bars and frozen pizzas, all to benefit our school’s extra-curricular activities and  Continue Reading »