Awards & Recognition

Use It or Lose It: How to Spend ‘Extra’ School Budget Funds

Some schools have a strict policy that all budgetary funds need to be used by the last day of school (aka ‘use it or lose it’). If your club or group is in this fortunate situation and has some money left in your budget, check out these ideas on how to spend those extra dollars.  Continue Reading »

10 Easy Steps to Planning A Year-end Awards Banquet

The end of the school year is the perfect time to single out your students for exceptional academic, artistic, and athletic achievements. Handing out awards at a year-end awards banquet not only provides student recognition, a banquet is also a great way to motivate your students so they keep up the great work for the  Continue Reading »

Celebrate Your Student Council Officers and Members with A Party

Being part of a high school student council is a great opportunity for students to learn and practice leadership skills, responsibility, and community service. With the school year coming to an end, recognize the hard work of your student council members with a special celebration. Casual or fancy, an end-of-year party is the perfect chance to  Continue Reading »

5 End of School Year Activities to Motivate Students

The end of the school year can be a trying time. Students are losing motivation, kids are getting antsy and their attention spans are beginning to evaporate. Planning some fun activities will motivate both of you, increase school spirit and give you that extra push to get you to through the rest of the school  Continue Reading »

What’s New? 10 Hot New Products from Anderson’s

It’s 2014! A new calendar year means there is only half a school year left. Even though your middle school students may view that fact as a positive thing, as a middle school educator we know you have a limited amount of time right now to finish lesson plans, motivate middle school students, and hand  Continue Reading »

Year-End Student Award and Recognition Ideas

All achievements are worth celebrating; find a reason to honor every student. High School awards ceremonies are in full swing. While some students look forward to the occasion, recognition of their accomplishments is a big deal, others shy away. The event can feel awkward and even shameful; a reminder of their shortcomings. Why not celebrate  Continue Reading »

Paw Pride Graduation Gifts

  Need some new ideas for graduation gifts instead of custom pens and mugs? Hand out paw-themed products to your graduating Seniors instead! Products with lots of paws are a nod to your school mascot, they make unique graduation gifts for students, and they can also used as year-end gifts for staff and volunteers.   •Backpacks •Water  Continue Reading »

Student Recognition Ideas & Tips

Academic Recognition Ideas: Every quarter, or ten weeks, recognize students who received a 3.0 GPA or higher, or students who have had perfect attendance. There are a variety of ways to reward these students. Rewards can include: key chains, lanyards, bracelets, t-shirts, ice cream social, pizza feed, etc. Athletic Recognition Ideas: Each Monday, send your  Continue Reading »

Planning FCCLA Awards Events

Contributed by Michelle L., Advisory Teacher, Amarillo, TX We are a small 2-A school, with the same budget concerns as other school districts.  My students wanted to have a memorable banquet, but were worried that we would have to compromise quality and style, while trying to stay on target with our budget.  While looking at  Continue Reading »