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Video: Profitable Ideas for Prom Fundraising

Whether you’re fundraising for Prom, Homecoming, team activities or anything else, you have one goal – make money. In this video below we’ll give some of the most profitable ways you can raise funds. Before you get started, be sure to set a fundraising goal by taking the total amount of money you need, minus  Continue Reading »

Fundraising Printable Flyer

This professional looking flyer can be edited and customized to fit your event or fundraiser. Fundraising Flyer (Editable pdf – See page 2 of pdf for example)

Video Tutorials

  Video Tutorials Learn how to decorate like a PRO! The thought of decorating for your event can be very overwhelming. On one hand, you want your decorations to be perfect. On the other hand, time constraints and lack of experience can make achieving that perfection difficult. At Anderson’s, our aim is to help you  Continue Reading »