March Madness

12 Reasons Why Cheerleaders LOVE Anderson’s!

School spirit and cheerleading go hand in hand. Cheerleaders are responsible for pumping up school spirit before the game AND for keeping that school spirit and energy up during the game. Give your cheerleading squad the best, and trendiest, spirit products to help them do their jobs. Here are 12 products that entice cheerleaders to keep  Continue Reading »

How to Be the Best School Mascot in 9 Steps

Congratulations! You’ve been through the tryouts and YOU have been given the honor of being your school mascot. Wearing that mascot costume is going to be a blast, and a big responsibility. Follow these nine steps to be the best school mascot your school has ever seen.   Step 1: You need to WANT to  Continue Reading »

7 Ideas for Engaging Kids During March Madness

March is an exciting time of year because of all the NCAA March Madness games. Bring that excitement into your schools–and pump it up even more–with these ideas to keep your students engaged and involved. Idea #1: Have a Pep Rally. A pep rally is always a great way to kids excited. Use your March  Continue Reading »