Top 5 Must-Haves For a Perfect Hollywood Prom Theme

You can never go wrong with a Hollywood Prom theme. Hollywood themes are timeless, fun, and, versatile. Whether you choose to go old style with a fun 1920s flair or you choose a more modern vibe, you can create the perfect Hollywood Prom theme quickly and easily. Here are your top 5 must-haves: 1.) An  Continue Reading »

Last Minute Tips for Selling Prom Tickets

Selling tickets to Prom should be done about six weeks before Prom night. Selling tickets may seem like an easy task. You order tickets with your invitations, sell them, and everybody wants to buy them, right? Most students will be excited to buy Prom tickets right away, but there are always a few stragglers. Follow  Continue Reading »

7 Tips for Creating Amazing Prom Invitations

Start your Prom out right by creating and sending out the perfect Prom invitations. Here are 7 tips to help you create amazing invitations: 1. Match your theme. This may be the best tip we can give you about Prom invitations. Your Prom theme is what will get students excited to attend. Choosing a Prom  Continue Reading »

The 12 Responsibilities Every Prom Advisor Should Know

Are you a first time Prom advisor? Are you experienced advisor whose advice has been sought out but don’t know where to start? We have put together the twelve responsibilities a Prom advisor should keep in mind when planning Prom. These responsibilities can also be used as a tool to see who might be interested  Continue Reading »

Prom Planning 101

Planning an amazing Prom can seem like a daunting task; how to out-do last year, how to keep everybody happy and stay on budget, how to create memories that last a lifetime. The list goes on and on. But with some simple steps and a head start you can create a Prom that will leave  Continue Reading »