Senior All Night Party

Be Prepared. 8 Quick Tips for Building Theme Kits

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Use It or Lose It: How to Spend ‘Extra’ School Budget Funds

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How to Create A Great Senior All Night Party

Your Senior All Night Party is one last big bash your seniors will remember forever. It is one of the last times they will be together—having fun, laughing, and making memories. To make sure your Senior All Night Party is the best it can be we have put together a few tips to assist you  Continue Reading »

How to Plan Your School’s After-Prom Party

Why have an After-Prom party? It will ensure the safety and wellbeing of high school teenagers on Prom night–a night when many of your students feel the need to grow up too quickly. By throwing an After-Prom Party, parents can rest easy knowing their kids are in a safe, supervised environment. Plus, this may be  Continue Reading »

15 Activities For Your Senior All Night Party

Senior all-night parties or “lock-ins” are intended to be the one last hurrah in each graduating senior’s high school career. Senior all-night parties are also a great way to keep kids safe on a big night of celebrations. Generating interest and getting the kids there is key to a successful event. A few wild & crazy activities will do  Continue Reading »

5 Fab Fundraising Ideas for Senior All Night Party

Five Fab Fundraising Ideas for YOUR Senior All Night Party   Your kids’ Senior All Night Party is the last school event your kids will attend. It’s this special event that your kids will probably remember most as they go off to college and become young adults. As a parent volunteer, you want to make  Continue Reading »

Glow Ideas for Senior All Night Parties and Spring Dances

Glow is all the rage this year! Teens love it and it’s great for senior all night parties, after Prom parties and spring dances. Fill your event space with glowing decorations, hand out glow favors and get your glow on. Here are some great ideas for going glow in 2014. Create a glow event with  Continue Reading »

How to put the FUN in Fun-draising

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