Character Building

Use Character to Stand Up and Speak Out Against Bullying

Bullying appears in many forms (verbal, cyber, et al.) in middle schools and we know this is a real problem. While we don’t presume to be an expert on the issue, Anderson’s understands the unique challenges middle schools face when it comes to bullying. Schools have a lot of pressure and passion to put anti-bullying  Continue Reading »

3 Ways to Build and Award Character in Your Middle School Students

What is your middle school doing to encourage and reward good character? This is a question many middle schools have to ponder and answer. Character education units in a health or social studies class are one solution. Pledge murals may be another answer. Some schools hang banners in hallways with character attributes. We’ve got a  Continue Reading »

5 New Ways to Practice Character with Your Students

With all the social and peer pressures that your middle school students face, it is important to remind them of what they can do and be. Teach your students the importance of character and self-talk during Character Week. Use one character trait for each day of Character Week, and encourage students to practice that trait  Continue Reading »

Top 4 Must-haves For Your Middle School Cause Event

Hold a cause event to get your entire student body united around one special cause. Ideas for your cause event include a Pink Out day, homelessness, environmental causes, or volunteering at a children’s hospital. No matter what idea you choose, there are five must-have items you need for a successful cause event day.   1.  Continue Reading »

Combat Cyber-Bullying in Your Middle School

Cyber-bullying is still a significant problem that too many middle school students face. And, frankly, it’s not a problem that is easily solved. Since many adults today did not grow up dealing with this very issue, it can be difficult for them to relate to or combat the issue. Saying, “Don’t go on the internet,”  Continue Reading »

Keep Middle School Kids Connected

Building connections with each other and the community is important to middle school students’ academic and social success. These opportunities are what help us build and instill important character traits in our future leaders. Getting students involved and keeping them that way isn’t always easy. Anderson’s has some fresh and fun ideas to raise student  Continue Reading »