Middle School

5 Ways to Celebrate Your Middle School Graduation

Celebrating a middle school graduation can be anything from a formal ceremony to casual get together to simple function. We have five fun celebration ideas for you to try next June. Choose the one that fits your middle school’s needs, style, size, and traditions. 1. Traditional Ceremony Go all out for your middle school graduation  Continue Reading »

5 New Ways to Practice Character with Your Students

With all the social and peer pressures that your middle school students face, it is important to remind them of what they can do and be. Teach your students the importance of character and self-talk during Character Week. Use one character trait for each day of Character Week, and encourage students to practice that trait  Continue Reading »

Middle School Milestone: The Completion Ceremony

Start a new tradition at your middle school with a completion ceremony, a once-in-a-lifetime milestone! A completion ceremony is similar to a high school graduation ceremony, but can be much less formal. Completion ceremonies are not so much about marking the end of a student’s middle school years, but the beginning of the transition into  Continue Reading »

Top 4 Must-haves For Your Middle School Cause Event

Hold a cause event to get your entire student body united around one special cause. Ideas for your cause event include a Pink Out day, homelessness, environmental causes, or volunteering at a children’s hospital. No matter what idea you choose, there are five must-have items you need for a successful cause event day.   1.  Continue Reading »

Combat Cyber-Bullying in Your Middle School

Cyber-bullying is still a significant problem that too many middle school students face. And, frankly, it’s not a problem that is easily solved. Since many adults today did not grow up dealing with this very issue, it can be difficult for them to relate to or combat the issue. Saying, “Don’t go on the internet,”  Continue Reading »

5 Ways to Make Your Middle School Dance Fun

For PTO members, planning and organizing a middle school dance for students in their preteen years can be a lot fun, but also has unique challenges. You need to provide middle school students with a night of “grown-up,” but age appropriate fun and excitement that can lure them away from texting and SnapChat. Try using  Continue Reading »

5 End of School Year Activities to Motivate Students

The end of the school year can be a trying time. Students are losing motivation, kids are getting antsy and their attention spans are beginning to evaporate. Planning some fun activities will motivate both of you, increase school spirit and give you that extra push to get you to through the rest of the school  Continue Reading »

What’s New? 10 Hot New Products from Anderson’s

It’s 2014! A new calendar year means there is only half a school year left. Even though your middle school students may view that fact as a positive thing, as a middle school educator we know you have a limited amount of time right now to finish lesson plans, motivate middle school students, and hand  Continue Reading »

Make Your Middle School Valentine’s Day Dance the Best Ever!

Need some new decorating and organizing ideas for your middle school Valentine’s Day dance? Use these ideas to throw an exciting dance that your middle school students will remember for a long time.   Decorations Think pink (and red) for your Valentine’s Day dance decorations, and don’t forget to throw in some white decorations to  Continue Reading »

Reward Students Who Reach Their New Year’s Resolutions

As a middle school educator, you can use the new year of 2014 as a unique opportunity in your character education class or unit. Have each student make a New Year’s resolution, write it down, and post it on your classroom bulletin board. Here are some New Year’s resolution ideas below you can use as  Continue Reading »