School Dances

How to Set Up A Candy Buffet for Your Middle School Event

Setting up a candy buffet at your Sadie Hawkins dance, Spirit Week, carnival, or other middle school event is more than just filling bowls with candy and setting them on a table for students. Follow these 8 steps to create an amazing candy buffet that satisfies every sweet tooth and keeps students coming back for  Continue Reading »

5 Easy Ways to Set Up A Middle School Photo Booth

Need a new way to liven up your middle school dances, carnivals, or parties? Set up a photo booth where students can have tons of fun posing for silly photos. Students will love these because the photo booth will give them a chance to let loose and de-stress, especially around mid-terms or finals. Use any  Continue Reading »

5 Fun Middle School Spirit Week Ideas

Is your middle school ready for Spirit Week? What are your middle school’s Spirit Week traditions? Whatever they are, use Spirit Week as a time to promote school pride, unify the student body, and make fun memories that your middle school students and teachers will cherish for a long time. Here are five fun Spirit  Continue Reading »

5 Ways to Make Your Middle School Dance Fun

For PTO members, planning and organizing a middle school dance for students in their preteen years can be a lot fun, but also has unique challenges. You need to provide middle school students with a night of “grown-up,” but age appropriate fun and excitement that can lure them away from texting and SnapChat. Try using  Continue Reading »

Make Your Middle School Valentine’s Day Dance the Best Ever!

Need some new decorating and organizing ideas for your middle school Valentine’s Day dance? Use these ideas to throw an exciting dance that your middle school students will remember for a long time.   Decorations Think pink (and red) for your Valentine’s Day dance decorations, and don’t forget to throw in some white decorations to  Continue Reading »

Glow Fun for Middle School

  Celebrate with GLOW fun! Glow products are all the rage, and Middle Schoolers are at the top of the list! They love glow! We’ve got five fun ideas for Glowing Fun! Glow Tag in the dark Everyone wears a glow stick, the “it” person wears an exclusive color.  Regular “tag” rules apply. Glow Bowling Fill  Continue Reading »

Get Students Involved in Event Planning

   Contributed by Susan M., Teacher, Daly City, CA Being a teacher for student government is so much fun!  The students and I are always trying to find ways to involve all the students and staff in daily, weekly or monthly events.  It adds to the atmosphere of the entire school. The initial stage of  Continue Reading »

7 Middle School Dance Themes

The Middle School dance is a tradition, almost a rite of passage. But let’s face it…Middle School Kids can be challenging on a good day. Trying to entertain them and keep them happy is difficult at best. Getting them excited about a school event is sometimes near impossible. Here are some themes that will spark  Continue Reading »

Video Tutorial – Working with Background Paper

Video Tutorial – Decorating with Fabrics: Gossamer, Tulle, and Netting

Decorating with gossamer, tulle, and netting for your prom, homecoming, or other school event is a great way to bring elegance and pizazz into your themes and decorations! In this informative video on decorating with fabrics for your school events, we discuss the differences between, and uses for gossamer, tulle and netting. Come watch our  Continue Reading »