Anderson’s Ultimate List of Ideas for Spirit Week

Spirit Week ranks right up there with some of the best days of the school year. There’s just something about the camaraderie, big fun, and getting crazy with school spirit and school pride that unites the student body, and promotes morale among students, teachers, and staff. We’ve compiled LOTS of ideas into one helpful blog  Continue Reading »

5 Creative Ways to Announce Your Homecoming King and Queen

I will never forget my senior year Homecoming coronation ceremony. As soon they announced the name Tony* for Homecoming King, all of the King Candidates literally tackled our newly crowned King to the stage. Don’t worry. Apparently, this had been pre-planned and it was all in good fun. A picture of that funny, and very  Continue Reading »

8 Royal Steps to Planning Your Prom Coronation

Coronation of your Prom King and Queen is one of the most exciting parts of Prom. It’s a moment that needs proper planning—just like a real royal coronation. Follow these easy steps to create a truly regal and memorable coronation for your Prom. 1. The Royal Advisors Just like every prince, princess, King, and Queen need their  Continue Reading »