Lights, Camera, Action! How to Create A Glamorous Hollywood Prom Theme

Hollywood themes (aka awards night, movie premiere, red carpet, Hollywood romance) are always a popular idea for Prom night. But does a Hollywood theme seem a little cliche? Do you want your Hollywood theme to be ‘different?’ Use some of these fresh, new ideas to liven up this popular Prom theme idea.     Think  Continue Reading »

29 Tips for Planning an After-Prom Party

Prom night is one of the most special, fun, and memorable nights of a teenager’s high school experience. Keep the fun going all night, even after Prom officially ends, with an equally exciting and memorable after-Prom party. Typically organized by teachers and parent volunteers, after-Prom parties are the perfect way to provide a more casual,  Continue Reading »

8 Unique Decorating Ideas for Homecoming and Prom

Even though your Homecoming dance and Prom night are always full of excitement, decorating for these annual school events may seem more like a chore than fun. We can help you inject some extra festiveness into your theme decorations with unique items that will take your decorations from basic to beautiful.   1. Chandeliers After  Continue Reading »

How to Create a Masquerade Prom Theme

Masquerade themes are a popular Prom idea that students love. It can be romantic, casual, fancy, mysterious, dark, moody, bright and/or exciting. It’s all about your Prom and high school’s style. We’ve put together a few things to consider as you start to plan and create an amazing Masquerade theme for your Prom night.    Continue Reading »

Finishing Touches: 5 Ways to Enhance Your Prom Decorations

When it comes to Prom decorations, getting the perfect look is key. Sometimes, all it takes is the addition of a few small but effective elements to take your décor from just fine to absolutely FABULOUS. Try some of these easy ideas and see what a difference they can make for your Prom decorations. 1.  Continue Reading »

7 Fantastic Centerpiece Ideas for Prom

The perfect centerpiece is the crown jewel of your Prom table decorations. Whether you choose a formal Prom theme, quirky theme, or foreign theme, your centerpieces should reflect your theme choice. Try one of these seven fun ideas for your Prom tables. 1. Glassware is a classic idea that can fit fancy Prom themes or  Continue Reading »

Prom Decorating Tips: 3 Ways to Use Netting

Fine mesh netting is a versatile decorating material your school can use for Homecoming, Prom, Winterfest, Senior Party, graduation banquets, and so much more. Here are three popular ways to use netting for your next school event. Once you’ve got these down, get creative with your netting and come up with even more ways to  Continue Reading »

How to Use Corrugated Paper for Homecoming and Prom Decorations

When you are looking for Homecoming and Prom decorations, corrugated paper is one of the best tools at your disposal. It’s a versatile item you can use to enhance your Homecoming and Prom themes. Here are some quick facts and uses for corrugated paper: Q:  What exactly is corrugated paper? A: Let’s start with the  Continue Reading »