10 Quick Tips For Planning Your College Homecoming

While there are way more than 10 steps to planning the perfect college Homecoming, here are 10 quick and easy ideas that will help keep students engaged, promote alumni participation, and pump up school spirit all over campus during this fun time of year. 1. Start planning EARLY! Ideally, you want to start planning next  Continue Reading »

Networking: How the Student Affairs Office Can Help Students Connect on Campus

Finding a job is the #1 goal of most college students after graduation, and networking is one of the most important things students can do to achieve that goal. But, many students lack the skills and resources to network successfully. There are so many things the Student Affairs Office or Student Activities Office can do  Continue Reading »

Craft Project Create It Calendars

If you’re looking for a December craft project that can double as a parent gift, then this project is for you! Create-It Calendars let kids design their own calendars! 12 Pages for the kids to color and decorate, plus grid lines to add your months and days. A great learning tool as you fill in  Continue Reading »