Awesome Gift Ideas for Prom Volunteers

Your teachers, staff members, and parent volunteers and chaperones are invaluable members of any Prom Committee.  These are the very people who ensure that your Prom theme comes to life and that everything runs smoothly on Prom night. Be sure that you recognize the contributions, dedication, and efforts of every Prom volunteer and chaperone with  Continue Reading »

What’s New? 10 Hot New Products from Anderson’s

It’s 2014! A new calendar year means there is only half a school year left. Even though your middle school students may view that fact as a positive thing, as a middle school educator we know you have a limited amount of time right now to finish lesson plans, motivate middle school students, and hand  Continue Reading »

Improving Staff Morale

With budgets at an all-time low, classrooms bursting at the seams, and resources disappearing, teacher and staff morale is suffering. Boosting morale and creating a friendly workplace has benefits all around; happier teachers, happier students, happier staff, and a more successful learning environment. We’ve compiled some ideas to help you create a teacher-friendly school or  Continue Reading »