Homecoming Parade

12 Fun Homecoming Parade Float Ideas

Homecoming isn’t complete without an amazing, exciting, spirit-pumping Homecoming parade! Your parade is a big, rallying event that gets your whole student body involved, the local community involved, and revs up school pride for the big Homecoming game. Check out these 12 hot decorative ideas for parade floats for your Homecoming parade.   1. Royalty  Continue Reading »

10 Great Fundraising Ideas

Whether you are raising funds for Homecoming, Prom or anything in between, here are some great fundraising ideas for you. 1. One Person’s Junk Everyone will find new treasures at a school-wide rummage sale! Ask students, teachers, and parents to raid their closets, bedrooms, and music collections for items to donate. Then, have a huge  Continue Reading »

How To Build A Float

So you want to build a float. Great! Look no further, because at Anderson’s you’ll find everything you need to create a float masterpiece that will get oohs and ahhs from all your adoring fans. Building a cool float is not as hard as it may look at first, especially when we have everything you need in one place.   Continue Reading »