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5 Fun Tips for Fairy Tale Prom Night

Once upon a time… We could finish that sentence, but we want your school, and your fairy tale Prom night, to finish it instead–with your dreams for Prom. For a magical, fairy tale evening, we’ve got five fun tips for you to follow. Your students will have the time of their lives, and will never  Continue Reading »

5 Easy Ways to Set Up A Middle School Photo Booth

Need a new way to liven up your middle school dances, carnivals, or parties? Set up a photo booth where students can have tons of fun posing for silly photos. Students will love these because the photo booth will give them a chance to let loose and de-stress, especially around mid-terms or finals. Use any  Continue Reading »

How to Use Photo Ops in Your Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding and wedding reception is a beautiful, but sometimes intimidating task. With so many details to think about, from flowers, decorations, and dresses to the caterer and DJ, you might be ready to elope! Try adding a little bit of levity to your wedding reception planning withone-of-a-kind photo booths and silly photo ops.  Continue Reading »

9 Photo Op Ideas for Your School Events

Make all of your student events, from Homecoming week to Prom more memorable with unique photo ops! Photo ops are an easy way to let your students have tons of fun no matter what the event. Check out these nine unique photo op ideas for your next high school event. 1.  Superhero Photo Op •  Continue Reading »