Prom 2014

6 Clever Ways to Reuse Your Prom Decorations

Did you know that your Prom decorations could be reused? Once Prom night is over, your Prom committee will need to decide what to do with those ‘leftover’ Prom decorations. Try using one of these six clever and creative ways to reuse those decorations within your school during the last days of the school year.  Continue Reading »

Last Minute Tips for Selling Prom Tickets

Selling tickets to Prom should be done about six weeks before Prom night. Selling tickets may seem like an easy task. You order tickets with your invitations, sell them, and everybody wants to buy them, right? Most students will be excited to buy Prom tickets right away, but there are always a few stragglers. Follow  Continue Reading »

10 Ways to Use Fabric for Prom Decorations

Do you know that fabric is a secret weapon is when it comes to Prom decorations? It’s true. No matter what type of fabric you use (tulle, gossamer, netting, sparkelle, paisley fabric), there are lots of ways to use fabric to add drama, depth, and interest to your Prom space. 10. DRAPE IT – Drape  Continue Reading »