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How to Integrate Your Prom Theme With Your Venue

Whether you’re holding your Prom dance at your high school or at an off-site venue, it can be a challenge to get your theme decorations to work flawlessly with the space you have to work with. Here are a few easy ideas to seamlessly integrate your Prom theme into your venue.   Prom Decorations Naturally,  Continue Reading »

7 Exciting Ideas for Your New York City Prom Theme

NYC. New York, New York. The Big Apple. New York City goes by lots of different names, and it’s a hot idea for a Prom theme! Give your New York City Prom decorations a fun twist with these seven exciting ideas to make your New York theme even more authentic and/or classy. 1. Hot Dog  Continue Reading »

5 Quick Tips for a Terrific Tropical Prom Theme

Take a trip to the tropics on Prom night: Hawaii, the Caribbean, or South Pacific. From the balmy atmosphere to the sandy beaches to the brightly colored flora, we’ve got five quick tips you can use to turn your Prom party space into the tropical Prom theme of your dreams! 1. Tissue Scatterflakes or Burlap.  Continue Reading »

6 Tips to Help You Dive Under the Sea for Prom Night!

Ever since that cute little crab sang “Under the Sea” in one of the most beloved animated movies, underwater Prom themes have been very popular. Life is definitely the bubbles, especially on Prom night, where your imagination and ingenuity can create an incredible underwater Prom paradise. Just keep swimming through these six tips to make  Continue Reading »

Lights, Camera, Action! How to Create A Glamorous Hollywood Prom Theme

Hollywood themes (aka awards night, movie premiere, red carpet, Hollywood romance) are always a popular idea for Prom night. But does a Hollywood theme seem a little cliche? Do you want your Hollywood theme to be ‘different?’ Use some of these fresh, new ideas to liven up this popular Prom theme idea.     Think  Continue Reading »

The Bee’s Knees (aka Great Ideas for a 1920s Gatsby Prom Theme)

1920s Prom themes and/or Gatsby Prom themes are very trendy right now. Like any popular Prom theme, there are hundreds of ideas out there for decorations, favors, invites, and much more. We can help you focus and find extraordinary Prom ideas to pull off an amazing 1920s or Gatsby Prom theme. Here are some ideas to get you  Continue Reading »

9 Ways to Create Your Perfect Prom

Prom night is a special night that you dream about and plan for, from your gown to your shoes to your date. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and you want it to be a picture perfect evening that will make you feel like a princess.   1. Dream Theme When you close your eyes and  Continue Reading »

8 Hot New Prom Themes for 2014

Every year, we create new Prom themes that you and your kids will love. This year, we have eight hot Prom themes based on fun, new trends. If you choose one of these eight Prom themes, you are sure to make Prom night even more memorable for your kids. 1. The Roaring ‘20s Why it’s hot:  Continue Reading »

How to Pull Off an Awesome Gatsby Prom Theme

A Gatsby party is all about excess and being over the top. From your Gatsby Prom theme decorations to your Prom favors, your school can throw an over the top, out of this world Prom night that your students will never forget. Set the Tone with 1920s Invitations The right Prom invitation will get your  Continue Reading »