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Prom Decorating 101: 5 Easy Ways to Transform Your Space

One of the questions we most often hear from Prom Committees is: How should we decorate for Prom? No worries. We have you covered. With these easy ideas, you can take any space from ordinary to extraordinary and create the perfect look for your event. Cover Large Spaces Large spaces, like walls, locker bays, and  Continue Reading »

How to Create the Perfect Paris Prom Theme

Paris Prom themes are a very popular idea for Prom night. Who wouldn’t want to travel to the City of Lights and experience a little romance underneath the Eiffel Tower? Paris is a romantic and historic city with lots of creative possibilities you can use for a Prom theme. Use any or all these fun  Continue Reading »

Romantic Prom Theme Ideas for 2015

Prom night has become synonymous with teenage girl dreams of glamour, excitement, and partying. More often than not these days, a big group of friends go to Prom together. Sure, there are couples within your group of BFFs, but when you really dream about Prom friends and glamour are the first things that come to  Continue Reading »

12 Movie Themes for Your Homecoming or Prom Theme

Over the years, high school students have used popular movie songs as inspiration for their Homecoming theme and Prom theme. Just like time changes, so do the trends. These days students use an entire movie as their Prom or Homecoming theme. We’ve put together a list of our twelve favorite films for decorating inspiration.    Continue Reading »

8 Hot New Prom Themes for 2014

Every year, we create new Prom themes that you and your kids will love. This year, we have eight hot Prom themes based on fun, new trends. If you choose one of these eight Prom themes, you are sure to make Prom night even more memorable for your kids. 1. The Roaring ‘20s Why it’s hot:  Continue Reading »

5 Fun New Ideas for Homecoming and Prom Themes

Besides the big game, the part of Homecoming and Prom teens look forward to the most is the dance, so having the right theme is important. Whether it’s formal, casual, or somewhere in between, the theme is one of the things your students will remember most about high school. Here are 5 fun new Homecoming  Continue Reading »