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How to Put the FUN in Middle School Fundraising

Fundraising is something that almost every middle school has to do. And you have to do it every year, which can make it seem a little routine. We can help you put the “fun” back in fundraising with some fresh new ideas to either replace those cookie dough and magazine sales or complement them. Try  Continue Reading »

14 Summer Fundraising Ideas for Your School

Summer vacation is only a short time between school years, but you can use this time to your school’s advantage. Summer months are a great time to bring community members together and boost school pride with fundraising ideas. Hold several fundraisers during summer for your high school sports teams and clubs. We’ve put together fourteen  Continue Reading »

Fundraising ideas for Your School

Almost every American school includes fundraising efforts as part of its tradition every year. For elementary-aged students, participating in a school fundraiser is a practically a rite of passage; we all remember going door to door in our neighborhoods selling wrapping paper, candy bars and frozen pizzas, all to benefit our school’s extra-curricular activities and  Continue Reading »