Spirit Week

Homecoming Spirit Week Theme Day Ideas

Homecoming Spirit Week is one of the most memorable parts of the school year, and theme days (or dress up days) are the most memorable parts of Spirit Week. Students and staff love dressing up to show their school spirit and get pumped for the big game and dance. There are lots of fun ideas  Continue Reading »

4 Ways to Get Your School Ready for Spirit Week

Whatever your school traditions are, Spirit Week is the best time of the year to promote school pride, unify your student body, and make lasting memories that your students, teachers, and staff will remember forever.   You may be preparing for Spirit Week already, but keep these four points in mind during your planning and  Continue Reading »

Anderson’s Ultimate List of Ideas for Spirit Week

Spirit Week ranks right up there with some of the best days of the school year. There’s just something about the camaraderie, big fun, and getting crazy with school spirit and school pride that unites the student body, and promotes morale among students, teachers, and staff. We’ve compiled LOTS of ideas into one helpful blog  Continue Reading »

5 Fun Middle School Spirit Week Ideas

Is your middle school ready for Spirit Week? What are your middle school’s Spirit Week traditions? Whatever they are, use Spirit Week as a time to promote school pride, unify the student body, and make fun memories that your middle school students and teachers will cherish for a long time. Here are five fun Spirit  Continue Reading »

Tips for An Awesome Campus Winterfest

Start a new tradition on campus with a week-long Winterfest! This can include everything from dress-up themes for each day of the week to a pep fest and dance to the coronation of your Snow King and Queen. A fun-filled Winterfest not only breaks up those long winter months, it brings your campus together and  Continue Reading »

Create A Super Sweet Candy Buffet in 8 Steps

Setting up a candy buffet at your Homecoming dance, Sadie Hawkins dance, Prom, or other event is more than just filling bowls with candy and unceremoniously setting them on a table. Follow these 8 steps to create a candy buffet that satisfies every sweet tooth and keeps them coming back for more.   1. Decide  Continue Reading »

7 Ideas to Increase School Spirit

We’re going to let this title speak for itself. The only thing we will say is that you can use any or all of these ideas for a big game like Homecoming or to promote any game and/or team sport throughout the year to increase attendance. Check them out! Hand out items to wear. While  Continue Reading »

5 DOs and DON’Ts of Spirit Week

High school Spirit Week is an exciting time for your students, staff and community. It’s the perfect time to build school spirit, motivate students and engage parents. Follow these five Dos and Don’ts to have a sensational Spirit Week and make an impact in the classroom. 1.      DO include plenty of spirit week activities during  Continue Reading »

Spirit Week New Ways to Celebrate

  Spirit week is a traditional part of Snowcoming celebrations for many schools. It’s celebrated with a different theme each day of the week ending with School Spirit Day on Friday. This year why not try some fun new “days” and break free from the “same-old-same-old” spirit days of the past.   Spirit Week Ideas  Continue Reading »

Get Crazy With School Spirit

  It’s time to start thinking about school spirit! Fostering school spirit and encouraging student participation has many benefits. It helps encourage unity among students, parents and staff, grows confidence and sportsmanship, and encourages the dissolve of social divisions. And let’s not forget about fundraising. School spirit products and events can yield huge contributions to  Continue Reading »