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10 Ways to Engage Students During College Homecoming

Homecoming should be a time of year when student engagement and school spirit is running highest, but with students gearing up for midterms and involved in work and other activities, sometimes school spirit is the last thing people are thinking about. Here are 10 easy things you can do to bring students, staff and alumni  Continue Reading »

Networking: How the Student Affairs Office Can Help Students Connect on Campus

Finding a job is the #1 goal of most college students after graduation, and networking is one of the most important things students can do to achieve that goal. But, many students lack the skills and resources to network successfully. There are so many things the Student Affairs Office or Student Activities Office can do  Continue Reading »

Quick Summer Activity Ideas for High School Students

School activities don’t have to stop just because summer has arrived. Even though your high school students may want to hang out with their friends and just relax, you can still keep them involved with your school. Organizing fun, school-sponsored summer activities can get students excited to interact with their community, stay engaged, and energized  Continue Reading »

5 End of School Year Activities to Motivate Students

The end of the school year can be a trying time. Students are losing motivation, kids are getting antsy and their attention spans are beginning to evaporate. Planning some fun activities will motivate both of you, increase school spirit and give you that extra push to get you to through the rest of the school  Continue Reading »

5 Fun Activities to Engage Students at Your University

Engaging students, both new and old, is a huge goal of college student activities departments at every college and university. An engaged student (though it has many different definitions) is essentially someone who is emotionally and psychologically engaged in school. They’re eager, motivated and inspired to achieve their best work. One of the best way  Continue Reading »

25 Uses for Fun Cups

   Celebrate the start of school, collect tickets, fundraise…so many uses for plastic Fun Cups! They are an affordable way to boost school spirit, raise funds, celebrate achievements, engage and reward students. We’ve come up with 25 ways to use Fun Cups. Check them out below: Give out 50 free Fun Cups to the first 50 people  Continue Reading »