Tips for An Awesome Campus Winterfest

Start a new tradition on campus with a week-long Winterfest! This can include everything from dress-up themes for each day of the week to a pep fest and dance to the coronation of your Snow King and Queen. A fun-filled Winterfest not only breaks up those long winter months, it brings your campus together and  Continue Reading »

Beat the Winter Blues – Fun Ideas for Your Winter Pep Fest

Winter is a great time for your school to throw a fun-filled pep fest…and boost school spirit. It’s the time of year when the holidays are over and school days can seem very routine. Break things up with a Winter Pep Fest that’s jam packed with exciting events your kids can look forward to watching or  Continue Reading »

3 Steps to A Special School Winterfest

Winterfest is an exciting event for your school and the community. From the first activities of the week, like open skates, clothing drives, sports, and contests, to the parade, coronation, and of course, the winter dance, Anderson’s has everything you need to plan and decorate for every step of your fantastic Winterfest! Step One: Parade  Continue Reading »